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Having over thirteen years of experience in preschool education domain, we, at Icon, have aimed at providing quality education in the country. Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified organisation, we are providing curriculum integration with world best approach for early childhood Education. The organization of Icon International School is considered as one of the best educational pre-school organization of the country. We have our branches across different parts of the country and we want to spread education in every part. By joining Icon pre school franchise, you will get every possible help and support. Before becoming a part of our play school franchise, you should know about the advantages we will provide to you.

Why Choose Us

  • Regular Monitoring Of Different Branches
  • Advertisements And Marketing
  • Full Academic Support With Regular Workshops
  • Dedicated Team To Solve Your Queries
  • Proper Planning Of Site And Sourcing Of Raw Materials

Years of experience






Opening a Franchise of Icon International Want to begin a new franchise of Icon International? No worries! It’s easy and you have to follow a few simple steps that enable you to handle the entire procedure successfully.

Following The Steps

Here are mentioned the steps that give you the opportunity to join as our franchise:

1) First you need to fill out the franchise application form with all correct details. Make sure you attach pictures of the building along with room dimensions.
2) We would next forward the application to the management committee who are responsible for approval to FAF. Once your FAF is approved you would receive notification within 12-48 hours revealing further details regarding the procedure.
3) Our franchisee manager would guide you throughout the process helping you to complete all the formalities carrying out a successful inspection.
4) Now, it’s time to sign the franchise agreement after approval of the site and thus you complete all the formalities.
5) Our designers are expert preparing a suitable design for your branch, which would reach at your place within one week.

6) Now, you have to send the properly filled franchise application form. The photographs must be attached properly with accurate room dimensions ensuring that you go ahead with the procedure.
7) A team of experts, designers and painters would begin working setting up your branch ensuring that you can start working at your ease.
8) Next, it’s time to start the recruitment process hiring branch head, teachers and support staffs who would help you to handle all the activities in the right way. Icon is also there to help / guide you in this process as well.
9) It’s necessary to arrange a training session for the branch head that makes your branch earn a good popularity.
10) Plan for an advertising campaign with suitable marketing strategies that helps you to organize a nice inauguration of your branch that gives you the ultimate confidence.

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