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Welcome to All iN One Kids Play School

We are the best professional and structured Daycare where your kid is being provided with motherhood care and affection all the time. We believe in understanding the habit, nature, hobbies, likings and most importantly bringing a smile to his/her face. We not only keep your baby happy, but we also ensure your baby is enhanced with proper growth, learning, cognitive and competitive. We ensure every kid enjoys while Learning, Playing, Scribbling, Making Music, Fun with Sand, Playing with Blocks, Art and Craft, Singing and Dancing, Playing with Clay, Learning shapes, Learning Colours, Colouring pictures We very often take kids for outings so that they feel and understand the social environment & surroundings. We take kids to Museums, Parks, Departmental Stores, Fire Station, Post Office and even to Movie hall.
Active Learning – Building Brain Power, Growing a healthy body, Nurturing Creativity, Developing Lasting life Skills.
Trained Teachers – Teachers at ALL IN ONE are trained regularly to make a positive differences in kid’s life. Our teachers encourage minds to think, hands to create & Hearts to love.
Smart Classroom – Our kids’ classrooms are designed for Audio Visual learning process which improves concentration. Our Smart Classrooms give quality education to our kids with a blend of innovation and technology.
Art and Craft Junction – Art and Craft at “ALL IN ONE”create a sense of achievement inside kids and give a boost to their self-esteem.
Music & Dance Classes – Music & Dance at ALL IN ONE allow kids to express themselves and helps to cultivate communication skills.
Painting Classes – Painting at ALL IN ONE is a great platform for kids to progress and discover their creativity.
Puppet Show – Puppet show at ALL IN ONE encourages the child’s imagination and boosts confidence in speaking and reading.
Yoga Classes- Yoga classes strengthen our kids’ mind, body and soul. ALL IN ONE provides mini gym for our kids that encourage our kids for exercise habit.
Communication Skills Classes – ALL IN ONE provides podium for it’s kids to remove hesitation.

PLANNING TO START A PLAY SCHOOL & PRE-SCHOOL, TALK TO OUR EXPERTS! Starting your own play school,pre-school is no more a worry-ful venture, if started with the right brand.

Franchise Requirements:

  • Care & love for children
  • Passion for growth and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Rs.7-10 lakhs Investment capability varies in accordance with the City/Town.
  • Dedicated Manpower
  • Children play area safety
  • 2500-3000 sq feet build up area ground floor premises

Franchise Support:

Join the All in one kids play school family

  • Complete equipments for all round development of kids at play school
  • Technical & Training Support
  • Interior & Exterior Support
  • Endless Support
  • Marketing & Advertisements Support
  • Research & Development Support

Our Story


Our mission is to provide excellence in education through a caring and diverse environment that encourages the holistic development of each student. Our Motto is “Effective learning through creative activity”. We prepare students with the means to succeed in a challenging world. We empower our students and inspire one another to take though action. Our students empowerment is based on child-centered learning, valuing the students views and giving them opportunities about how and what they learn.


Our Vision is “learning by doing”.All in One is committed to offering liberal arts-based, globally connected, international, ecologically sensitive, spiritually engaged, and career-focused community education opportunities. Our services are capable enough for equipping our students to appreciate and visualize them as part of a global community. We believe passionately in the Power of Education to change attitudes, lives and ultimately the world.


Our Approach is to uncover the talent of each child. In the first stage of the “ALL IN ONE” Journey, each child is nurtured, supported and loved at the every step of the way. Our pedagogy is designed to discover and shape the character, personality, dreams, self paced manner talent, potential of each child. We pride Ourselves on our warm & stimulating environment and creative play activities. Thus, our approach is all round development.


Corporate Office :– B.S-155 Sector-70, Noida-201301

Zonal Office :- Boring Road Crossing Behind Kumar Tower Patna-16

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